What Does Abridge Mean

What Does Abridge Mean

Abridge is a transitive verb. It means to shorten by condensation or omission while retaining the basic contents (The random house webster’s College Dictionary).

Abridgment definition: a shortened version of a written work | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and. ME abregement < OFr < abregier: see abridge .

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Abridge 1st Amendment and infringe, 2nd Amendment, what does it mean? The 1st Amendment says that free speech shall not be abridged and yet the SCOTUS says that there are certain things you can not say, like yelling fire in a crowded theater due to a safety issue.

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Abridge legal definition of abridge. Remember, however, that the First Amendment is directed at the government, and it says that government may not abridge free speech or the rights of the press. It does not mean that other entities. What does abridge mean? abridge is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as Shorten (a piece of.

Definition of abridged in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of abridged. What does abridged mean? Information and translations of abridged in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

If judges should secure only enumerated rights, does that mean Americans had no rights against the federal government before the Bill of Rights was adopted in 1791? In the Civil War’s aftermath, the.

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verb (used with object), abridged, abridging. to shorten by omissions while retaining the basic contents: to abridge a reference book. to reduce or lessen in duration, scope, authority, etc.; diminish; curtail: to abridge a visit; to abridge one’s freedom. to deprive; cut off.

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